Tao of the Doodle
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Discover Your Favorite Animal

Have you plodded through life searching for meaning and happiness? New research by Crouton Roundtree, renowned Doctor of Phoolalogy, reveals that 95% of adult Americans are just one step away from unmitigated bliss: the perfect pet. The problem is that very few people know what the perfect pet for them would be. Take the following quiz to discover the perfect animal for you. Select the most correct answer to each question.

The perfect date would be: Going to a movie (assume a good movie)
Dragging Main Street
Throwing sliced ham at cars
Spitting bubblegum off of Hoover Dam

How I feel about pets: Fifi is part of the family--she is my favorite child.
If I had to choose between my pet and my child, I would choose my child. But if I had to choose between my pet and your child, it would be more difficult.
Rover exists for my pleasure, and for that I am grateful.
One false move, and it's it's back to the pound for you buster!

If a riot broke out in the street in front of my house, I would: Call the police
Load the shotgun
Start looting before everyone beat me to the good stuff

I THINK my favorite animal is: Cat
Water Buffalo

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