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Man on the Street Interview

What does the average man on the street have to say? Well, we don't know about the average man, but we have talked to the odd man. Click below to hear his answers to life's little questions:

Does life exist on other planets?

Why do blondes have more fun?

Did humans descend from apes?

Should English spelling be changed to a phonetic system?

Have a question you'd like to get answered? Submit it to the Man on the Street, and we'll see what he has to say. If you include a URL and we use your question, we'll include a link to your website. (Please be sure your question fits our Content Policy.)
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Featured Interview:

"Does life exist on other planets?"

"I used to think intelligent life existed in the universe. Then I started using Windows."
- Alfred Gleeson, computer programmer
"I don't think they teach us about that till next year."
- Gordon Jamison, medical student
"I'd say 5-1 against. In fact, I'll give you 5-1 odds, and I can cover you up to $10,000. They find aliens, you make 40,000 big ones. Whadda ya say?"
- Mona Smith, bookie
"Of course it does. I mean, it's been in the papers, right!? You know what they say--pictures don't lie."
- Leilani Isaacson, carpenter
"I wrote a story about aliens once. It's called 'The alien that wanted to be my friend.' Have you ever heard of it? Let me tell you the plot. Hey! Where are you going? I'm not done yet..."
- Billy Bob Bojangles, aspiring author