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Find Out Whether You Understand the Word "Majuscule"

It has been said that understanding is a three-edged sword. Some of you may think you understand the word "majuscule" completely, yet be missing one of the edges. Others may think you haven't a clue what it means, yet in fact posses one of the edges. Taking this quiz is the only way to know for sure. Select the most correct answer to each question.

"Majolica" means: A magic trick with a humerous result
A polka band that does heavy-metal covers
Colorful Italian pottery
The peace-time responsibilities of certain military personel

If a half-empty glass is turned upside down: It will remain half-empty
It will become half-full
Elephants in China will dance to Majolica tunes
Sunspots will cause RFI (radio frequency interference)

"Rapscallion" may be scrambled to spell: Car Loan Slip
Plastic Rogue
Parlez Vous Francais
Lapse in Judgement

The best color in the universe is: Deep Sea Green
Royal Blue

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