Tao of the Doodle
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"Why Do Blondes Have More Fun?"

"Because they don't have to wear wigs or toupes to look like they're blonde, so they have less headaches. That's why modern pain relievers have made hair color less important."
- Randall Poe, interior decorator
"Why do brunettes have less fun? Everybody always assumes it's our fault, but it's not. I mean, take a little responsibility for your life."
- Alisha Waverly, film student
"It's all a question of socialization--people expect blondes to have more fun, blondes expect to have more fun, when people want to have fun, they call blondes. It's a terrible social injustice. But I still hope that my hair will be blonde."
- Laurie Jorgensen, baby
"Because their heads don't get so hot when they're out in the sun."
- Chiemi Sato, private investigator
"Blondes don't HAVE more fun. Blondes HAD more fun. That's why they're blonde--either their hair got sun-bleached, or they bleached it themselves, or the color in their hair couldn't keep up with whatever they were doing, so it fell out. The color I mean, not their hair."
- Mobius Cooder, aspiring Gnarly Dude

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