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"Should English spelling be changed to a phonetic system?"

"I think the current spelling system is better because it more accurately reflects the fractured and divided nature of our country and culture. It helps us to keep out of touch with our true selves and each other."
- Madeline Carter, poet
"How do you spell the sound it makes when you talk with your tongue hanging out?" (...we think that's what he said.)
- Billy Wooster, french fry technician
"Anything would be better than the way it works now. But I don't see the connection between English spelling and bumps on the head." *
- Calvin Proctor, medical student
"It sounds like a good idea at first, but dude! I'd have to learn to read a Jersey accent!"
- Harry Flake, surfer
"Yeah, I think congress should pass a law changing spelling retroactive back to kindergarten. A couple of big, fat 'F's on his spelling tests! That'd show mister George "I've had a 4.0 since pre-school" Larsen! I can just see his face!"
- Orson Kuhlman, construction foreman
* NOTE: If Calvin's comment doesn't make sense to you, try looking up "phrenology". If none of the answers made sense, try looking up "phonetic". (It's pronounced "fonetik").
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